2023 Scholarship Opportunities Update

Please click on this link to learn about the changes for 2023 Scholarship Opportunities:


During the 2022 legislative session the SC General Assembly approved regulatory changes to the ACT test scores needed to meet the state scholarship eligibility requirements. This change aligned the ACT score to the SAT score concordance. Students in the high school graduating class of 2023 and beyond will now be able to earn state scholarships by meeting the eligibility requirements to include the new ACT test scores listed below: 


Students must meet 2 out of 3 (to receive LIFE at an eligible four-year institution)

Previous                                                           New

3.0 SC UGP                                                       3.0 SC UGP

1100 SAT/24                                                   ACT 1100 SAT/22 ACT

Rank in the top                                                  30% Rank in the top 30>#/p###

Palmetto Fellows

Previous                                                           New

3.5 SC UGP                                                       3.5 SC UGP

1200 SAT/27                                                   ACT 1200 SAT/25 ACT

Rank in the top 6% in 10, 11, or 12 grade           Rank in the top 6% in 10, 11, or 12 grade

Alternative Criteria                                            Alternative Criteria

4.0 SC UGP                                                       4.0 SC UGP

1400 SAT/32                                                                       ACT 1400 SAT/31 ACT