Technology Insurance Information for Parents


Please read this information on technology insurance:

All students in grades PreK-12 have a Technology Insurance Fee of $25 for the full academic
year due at the time of registration. This non-refundable fee may be paid online or in person at
your child's school.
Students who PURCHASE the Technology Insurance will receive their first repair free.
The second accidental damage in the school year will result in a discounted $40 fee. The full
cost of repair will be charged for all subsequent accidental damages during the academic year.
If the device is damaged as a result of neglect or abuse, the student will be charged the
full repair price. See pg. 14 in the Student 1:1 Handbook for guidelines for Damaged
Lost/Stolen equipment. (see District Website under the student section).
Students who DO NOT PURCHASE the Technology Insurance will be charged full repair
costs for all accidental damage as well as damage that is caused by neglect or abuse.
Estimated Device Replacement Costs*
*Prices may vary based on purchasing cost fluctuations.
Replacement and Repair Costs
Example Device Replacement Costs
Item Estimated Cost* as of 6/8/2021
iPad $427
Dell Laptop $580
iPad Charger $22
Dell Charger $65
iPad Case $30
Estimated Device Repair Costs*
*Prices may vary based on purchasing cost fluctuations and determination by IT Staff upon device
Example Device Repair Costs
Item Estimated Cost* as of 6/8/2021
Dell Laptop Screen Lat 3190: $65
Lat 3310: $75
Lat 3410: $60
iPad Screen $75
Dell Charger $65
IPad charger $30
iPad Screen Protector $26
Payment Timeline
Parents/guardians/students have 30 days to pay any invoices. If invoices are not cleared within
30 days, the student’s account will be referred to administration. The school may set up
payment plans to clear invoices, revoke school privileges, or take other action if needed.
For the most up-to-date version of this document, please refer to the electronic copy of the
School District of Newberry 1:1 Student-Parent Handbook located on the district website
at the following URL: 2022-2023 1:1 Handbook
Any changes to policy and/or procedures will be reflected on the online version of this