Live Instruction for Quarantined MC Students

Live Instruction Access for Quarantined MC Students – Please Read!!! 

Dear Parent/Guardian(s),  

Greetings from Mid-Carolina High School.  In order to provide live instruction for students who are absent due to being excluded or quarantined, all English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish teachers at MCHS will be implementing a Dual Modality teaching model.  “Dual modality” means that our core subject teachers at MCHS will be teaching students at home virtually and students face-to-face in the classroom, at the exact same time, in the same session. Dual modality will only be available in core subjects. Therefore, this learning option will not be available for Related Arts elective courses due to the nature of their setup and incompatibility.  Related Arts teachers will continue to provide asynchronous learning for all elective courses and will continue to post all classwork, assignments, presentations, and assessments in Schoology for absent students to complete while at home. 

Beginning on Monday, September 20, all English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish teachers will post a live link that will be available in Schoology for absent students to access to virtually attend their scheduled class period(s) at home and at the same time as the other students physically in the class.  Students who are excluded/quarantined are strongly encouraged to attend the live google meet for each core subject class using the google link provided by their teacher(s).  Students who are absent and not sick are expected to log into Schoology daily, check and complete assignments, and email the classroom teacher with any questions or concerns.  If there are any problems accessing a link provided please email the classroom teacher, or Ms. Jessica Felker (  

Students who are absent due to being quarantined are required to complete all assignments and submit work no later than 5 school days after they return to school.  However, all absent students are strongly encouraged to complete all assignments prior to returning to school. Students who do not submit assignments within 5 school days of their return to school date will be marked as absent (unexcused) for the days that the work was not completed.   

Your student has been given the Parent login credentials required for Parent access to the Schoology Learning Management System. We value your participation in your child’s education, and we encourage you to sign-up for your parent access to Schoology. If you have questions or did not receive your Schoology Parent Access Code provided to your student, please email Mrs. Tiffani Lyles at    

Below, you will find a link to information with instructions on how to create, log into, and use your Schoology account using the Parent Access Code that has been provided to your student.   

Parent Instructions – How to sign-up for Schoology  

Schoology Parent Guide – Getting Started