School Improvement Council

School Improvement Council Membership 2020-2021

The next meeting of the Mid-Carolina High School Improvement Council for the 2020-2021 school year will be held at 5:00 p.m. on dates to be determined.  We are currently holding each SIC meeting virtually.  We appreciate your support and interest in the progress of MCHS and look forward to seeing you soon.

Minutes from Past Meetings

What is an SIC?

A School Improvement Council (SIC) is a broad-based community advisory group established to work with the principal to cultivate a positive school environment supporting student success.

As an advisory bodies, SICs provide input, feedback, recommendations, resources, and support to the principal and school.

SIC 2020-2021 Members ARE:

Parent Representatives (elected for two-year terms)

Christi Vinson (Chair), Janet Davenport, Deann McManus, Meg Davis, Jason Barnes, Julie Barnes, Melanie Hawkins, Mary Shepard

Parent Representatives (elected for one-year term)

Teacher Representatives - elected for two-year terms

Dr. Lorraine Kibler, Sarah Bridges, John Bass

Student Representatives (Grades 9-11) - elected for two-year terms:  Sergio Carbajal, Scotlyn Lominick, Tyler Shackelford, Jonathan Gantt

Student Representatives (Grade 12) - elected for one-year term:  Elizabeth Hunter

Appointed Members

Sissy Delesandro (SIC Secretary), Gwen Davenport (Athletic Booster Club President), Kelli Fowler (Band Booster Club President), Emma Grace Connelly (Student Class President), Carter Lake (Community Member Representative)

Ex-Officio Member Representatives - other individuals by virtue of their position, knowledge or experience

Coleen Makoski (Teacher of the Year), Ray Cooper (Principal), Tiffani Lyles (Assistant Principal), Zeb Reid (Assistant Principal)